Bell pepper

The preparation of bell peppers has been a specialty of ours since 1998. Therefore, we are very proud of our network, experience, and knowledge of the product. This allows us to give our clients the best advice about the product, the quality, and the availability that best suits the slicing and preparation processes for our clients.

paprika geel gehalveerd

Bell pepper, halved

Halved bell pepper for further preparation into cubes, strips, shreds, or other possible forms. Suitable for vegetable preparation businesses, salad producers and food service suppliers that use fresh products.

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paprika geel gekwart

Bell pepper, quartered

Quartered bell pepper that, just as with the halved ones, is suitable for a variety of uses. The extra preparation by us makes the product better suited for slicing by our clients.

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paprika groen blok grof

Bell pepper, diced 30x30

30 x 30 mm. is the largest size of bell pepper cube that we produce. This product is quite popular among butchers’ shops, abattoirs, and other meat-processing businesses for the BBQ assortments that they produce.

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paprika rood blok  fijn

Bell pepper, diced 20x20

We make diced bell pepper especially for shashlik, meat skewers, and other dishes. The smallest size we produce is 20 x 20 mm. We make this product especially for clients who want a fresh product with a 20 x 20 mm. size.

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Paprika rood ontkopt

Bell pepper, top removed

Bell peppers with the top removed are perfect for filling with, i.e. other vegetables, rice, or meat. A great product for caterers and food service suppliers.

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Vitapep, cleaned

Topped Vitapep are also provided at the request of our clients. They are great stuffed with goat cheese or cream cheese.

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paprika groen geboord

Bell pepper, cored

The cored bell pepper, much like our bell peppers with the tops removed, are well-suited for catering and food service suppliers. Filling them with meat, vegetables, or rice will make for a stunning presentation of your product.

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paprika groen snippers

Bell pepper, minced

In the spring and summer, we have the option of offering our clients minced bell pepper. Please contact us and ask whether we can fulfil your request.

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Paprika rood half met steel

Paprika gehalveerd met steel

In addition to a halved bell pepper, which we offer to simplify the preparation process for clients, we offer a halved pepper with the stem attached in our selection.

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