QS certification achieved!

We have great news that we are very proud of. We are the first Dutch supplier of semi prepared vegetables that has passed the QS audit. On May 10, 2017 we passed the QS audit with flying colours and therefore received the QS certification. Our quality system is assessed at all requirements of the QS system for fresh preprared vegetables.

The QS certification is from Germany and stand for quality assurance for all stages of the food chain. The aim is to ensure quality food that is sustainable with regard tot hygiene and plant protection products for the wholesale and retail.

The certification maintain high requirements regarding traceability and hygiene. Additionally a safe and clear label of the origin of our products is required. The QS audit of the QS Standards will be conducted annually.

With choosing for the QS certification, we show that quality and safety play an important role in our overall business. We believe that our organization should meet the highest food safety standards at any time and under all circumstances. For us, this is an additional reason to constantly remain involved in the topic and strive for innovations within it. Achieving and maintaining the QS certification is an important endeavor.

You can download our certificate here.

Would you like to find out more about the QS certification? Then please don’t hesitate to contact Marco Romein via +31 (0)174 637 902 or m.romein@snijpunt.nl

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