New in our assortment: sweet potato

Contrary to the name, the sweet potato is not related to the ordinary potato. Officially it's a vegetable and therefore it fits perfectly in our range. We offer the sweet potato peeled in a vacuum packaging of 5 kg. By vacuuming them, the taste will retain longer and the quality is better.

Sweet potatoes contain no starch or gluten like a regular potato and are widely used in low-carb and gluten-free dishes. In America, this vegetable is best known as Yam, a much-seen side dish during Thanksgiving Day. In Canada they mainly use sweet potatoes to make fries and in the Surinamese kitchen they are processed in different kind of ways.

In Europe the use of sweet potato is increasing as well. The growth of sales of this product is therefore clearly visible. Not surprising when you consider that sweet potatoes have a cholesterol-lowering effect, contain little fat and are packed with vitamin A and C. We believe in the added value and commercial potential of this product and have therefore added it to our range.

Fried, puffed, fried, stewed, out of the oven or 'just' raw in the salad. You see sweet potatoes more and more. Chef Jamie Oliver also likes to work with this special vegetable and gives many inspiring ideas on his website:

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