Lex Bimmel, our new commercial employee

Our company is always developing, just like our team. Since a couple of weeks we have strengthened our team. With this new commercial employee, we are even more capable of getting to know and understand their wishes and interest and to serve the needs of our customers. We are happy to introduce to you him. Meet Lex Bimmel.

Lex is a young and driven ‘Westlander’, who graduated from The Hague University of Applied Sciences in June 2017. With his degree in Business Administration – International Marketing, he is valuable addition to our team. Since 2012 he has been involved at Snijpunt. First as an internship and later on as a part-time job during his time at the university. He has participated in both the production and the office, so he knows how the organization and processes are connected with each other.

He likes to spend his spare time with sports or adventurous activities. He is a fanatic football player and runner and likes to travel. During his studies, he spent some time abroad as well. Once to study in Denmark for six months, and once for an internship in New Zealand. Nowadays he likes to explore the world during a city trip or a backpack adventure.

His position as commercial employee fits him very well. “Together with the purchasing manager, I’m responsible for all sales related activities within our company. I maintain contact with our Dutch, Belgian, German and Scandinavian customers regarding the orders and prices on a daily basis. Together with the manager, I closely monitor supply and demand on the market to make the right choices to fulfil the wishes and needs of our customers.” Lex says enthusiastically.

“I’m also setting weekly prices and drawing winter and summer offers. In the future I will also do customer visits and commit to the acquisition of new customers.”

Our new initiatives also have a great appeal to him. “At this moment, Snijpunt is working on preserving residual products that are not used for sale. The first product that has come from this is 100% pure powder from our red and green peppers. I’m going to contribute on the research and development to find other ways to market residual products and reduce food waste.” There is no lack in ways to make this job interesting and diverse for Lex.

The atmosphere within the company also suits him well. “The employees are respectful to each other and there is definitely room for a joke from time to time. I also like the international aspect of this job. Every day, I get in touch with customers from different countries. Being able to adapt myself every time to business and cultural differences is a nice challenge.”

When we ask him what his personal goals are, he quickly gave two answers. His first goal is to gain more insight into the wishes, needs and expectations of the customers and the industry. “Each customer makes his decision based on other criteria, such as: price, quality, trust etc. I want to be able to respond more and more to these wishes so that a long-term cooperation can be achieved.”

The second goal is to make Snijpunt one of the most innovative and sustainable organisation within the industry. “It’s important to me to reduce food waste. I want to contribute to this by deepening the theoretical aspect of the subject and the opportunities in the market. For me this starts with market research.”

Lex wants to achieve his first goal by listening carefully to the customers, and trying to place himself in their position as much as possible. With this he wants to build trust and to gain insight into the processes and procedures of the customer. This enables him to respond more quickly to (future) questions and needs.

As for our core core values, Lex is also very clear. “Reliability, honesty and respect are the most important values for me. They all contribute to a healthy relationship with both my clients and colleagues.

I’m looking forward to achieving great things together with Snijpunt.”

Want to know more about Lex’s plans and activities? Please contact him by calling +31 (0) 174 637 902 or send an e-mail to l.bimmel@snijpunt.nl.

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