Innovation in the shelf life of diced peppers

We announced the fact that a new technique for improving the quality and shelf life for 30x30mm blocks in the pepper dicing process was being tested in an earlier newsletter. Our product development team took the time to thoroughly test this innovation during the past winter period. This will result in a successful completing at the end of February 2017! A change in the process has allowed us to extend the shelf life of the 30x30mm pepper blocks by one day. This applies to all colour variants and to both the manual and machine processing techniques.

The aim of this innovation is to contribute to the reduction of failure and waste in the chain.

Our new technique means the product’s moisture level is 28% lower when compared to the old process. Extensive internal shelf life tests and microbiological tests show that the shelf life is improved by at least 1 day. The microbiological tests also show a structural reduction of at least 1 day.

We will continue with improving and stabilising these microbiology values during the forthcoming season by further fine-tuning the process. The first technical adjustments for the purpose of the cleaning process has been carried out already.

We are incredibly proud of this improvement in our dicing processing line! As you are aware, innovation is a very important focus point within our organisation. We will keep you informed of our progress in this area.

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