Highlighted Product: Diced Onions

Anyone who has driven past Snijpunt recently will have undoubtedly noticed the smell of freshly cut onions. The production of our diced onions has once again commenced. We added this product to our assortment a few years ago. Specifically to offer a constantly more complete supply of products for customers who are in need of this.

In addition to using the right raw materials, the quality of diced onions is also highly dependent on the production method. The specific processing method we use ensures the glaze caused by temperature fluctuations and rough treatments doesn’t occur with our diced onions.

In addition to quality, uniformity is also an important provision for our customers. Each cube is carefully checked for its shape and thickness. Various different customers actually use our diced onions to create their machine-produced shashliks with either chicken or pork. Uniformity is thereby important in order to minimise waste.

Do you have any specific questions about this item? Then please don’t hesitate to contact Marco Romein via +31 (0)174 637 902 or m.romein@snijpunt.nl.

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