Highlighted article: the ideal solution for stuffed peppers

Bell peppers with calix, core and pith tissue completely removed: a tailor made, ready to use product for ready meals manufacturers, catering and foodservice suppliers,

The de-cored pepper is perfectly suited to stuff with minced meat, vegetables and/or rice. Its preparation can be done in multiple ways; for example heated in the oven or grilled on the BBQ. 

A wide range of sizes and weights are available, so they can be used as a starter, side dish or a main dish. Please find some recipes below this article if you would like some inspiration. 

Due to our unique way of processing, the fill rate can be determined quite accurately with a maximum of only 10 grams variation. To accommodate a smooth and easy stuffing process for the more automated snack manufacturers, we can guarantee an exact diameter of the opening of the bell pepper. Ideal for industrial food manufacturers as they can determine the exact stuffing volume and reduce in-weight.     

Another similar product we can supply, are the halved and de-cored pepper with stamp intact (see picture). You might have spotted this product before at your local supermarket on the vegetarian ready meals shelves.

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Low calorie recipe for stuffed peppers



Mediterranean stuffed pepper halves






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