Change of seasons autumn-winter 2017

As the season for the supply of sweet peppers from the Netherlands has come to an end, we think it's important to keep you informed about the changes and consequences. Our purchaser Jeroen will gladly inform you about the change of seasons.

“This import season we will again receive sweet peppers from our growers from Spain and Morocco. The summer in Spain went well this year and therefore the season will start normally. We expect little or no problems. The plants are in good shape and the fruit set of the plants is fine as well. Our expectation is that the first loads will arrive one of these days. Due to the experiences of last year, this year we will start with a double supply line from the beginning of the season, both from Spain and Morocco. This way we want to further strengthen our delivery reliability.

Soon we will also start with cauliflower and broccoli from Spain. After a difficult winter season, because of the weather conditions, the crop is now reasonably back on track. If there are no changes in the weather, this harvest should go well. Because even the smallest weather changes can have major consequences due to the water shortage, we monitor the crops extra sharply this year. This way we can quickly inform and switch if necessary.

As we also load the cauliflower from Spain this year, we are more broadly oriented and we can switch faster in case of weather influences or other unforeseen problems. In the beginning of the season our variety will be "Casper". In 2018 we supply the varieties “Trofeo” / “Adona” / “Meridina” from week 2 till 14 and from week 15 we switch to “Casper” again. For broccoli, we are unfortunately still completely depending on Spain during the winter. We will of course continue looking for good alternatives in the winter season. "

We are confidently looking forward to the import season with our own growers. Would you like to be informed about all developments? Please let us know. On request we report every two weeks on the status and developments of the crops and harvest.


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