Bell pepper powder as a weapon in the fight against food waste.

The last few months have been all about bell pepper powder at Snijpunt. Real bell pepper powder. Made from bell pepper residue, without any other additives. Our variant offers more fragrance and flavour when compared to regular bell pepper powders. The Snijpunt Bell Pepper Powder is available in two variants: green and red. Green bell pepper powder is unique and very tasty.

We throw away a total of 50 tons of bell pepper shreds every year. What a waste! And a real thorn in our sides. This is why we decided to look into how we could reduce this form of food wastage. Guido Vollebregt dedicated his thesis to this subject. He came to the conclusion that this new bell pepper powder is truly distinctive where its flavour and fragrance are concerned and is therefore a valuable addition to the market.

The development of the bell pepper powder is a process which consists of four parts. The bell pepper shreds are dried and subsequently powdered. We then fill and label the pots, making sure they can instantly be sold.

The red and green bell pepper powders are sold in various variants. We have 30 and 50 gram pots. We can also supply a 50 gram refill pack. Catering wholesalers also form part of our customer base. We have produced a 500 gram variety especially for these entrepreneurs.

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