Change of seasons autumn-winter 2017

As the season for the supply of sweet peppers from the Netherlands has come to an end, we think it's important to keep you informed about the changes and consequences. Our purchaser Jeroen will gladly inform you about the change of seasons.


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New in our assortment: sweet potato

Contrary to the name, the sweet potato is not related to the ordinary potato. Officially it's a vegetable and therefore it fits perfectly in our range. We offer the sweet potato peeled in a vacuum packaging of 5 kg. By vacuuming them, the taste will retain longer and the quality is better.

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Paprika gevuld

Highlighted article: the ideal solution for stuffed peppers

Bell peppers with calix, core and pith tissue completely removed: a tailor made, ready to use product for ready meals manufacturers, catering and foodservice suppliers,

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QS certification achieved!

We have great news that we are very proud of. We are the first Dutch supplier of semi prepared vegetables that has passed the QS audit. On May 10, 2017 we passed the QS audit with flying colours and therefore received the QS certification. Our quality system is assessed at all requirements of the QS system for fresh preprared vegetables.

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Bell pepper powder as a weapon in the fight against food waste.

The last few months have been all about bell pepper powder at Snijpunt. Real bell pepper powder. Made from bell pepper residue, without any other additives. Our variant offers more fragrance and flavour when compared to regular bell pepper powders. The Snijpunt Bell Pepper Powder is available in two variants: green and red. Green bell pepper powder is unique and very tasty.

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Witte ui blok grof

Highlighted Product: Diced Onions

Anyone who has driven past Snijpunt recently will have undoubtedly noticed the smell of freshly cut onions. The production of our diced onions has once again commenced. We added this product to our assortment a few years ago. Specifically to offer a constantly more complete supply of products for customers who are in need of this.

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BBQ paprika ui

Vegetables and meat, always a great combination.

Our customers’ businesses are becoming increasingly more diverse. It’s a well-known fact that we have already been working with vegetable cutting companies, caterers and salad or ready-made meal suppliers for a considerable amount of time. However, what’s less well known is that we are now also increasingly working together with companies from the meat processing industry. We would like to explain why this collaboration is really quite logical.

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Innovation in the shelf life of diced peppers

We announced the fact that a new technique for improving the quality and shelf life for 30x30mm blocks in the pepper dicing process was being tested in an earlier newsletter. Our product development team took the time to thoroughly test this innovation during the past winter period. This will result in a successful completing at the end of February 2017!

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sneeuw spanje-1

Scarcity has had an impact on the entire chain

Of course the fact we are dealing with scarcity is no longer news. The newspapers and online magazines are full of it. Headlines like ‘Every day’s another challenge for vegetable processing companies’ and ‘If you’re the only one who can’t deliver, you know you’ve done something wrong, but now everyone is at their wits end’ are almost a daily feature.


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gegrilde groenten-1

Recipes with grilled vegetables

Grilling vegetables. This may well sound a little more complicated than it actually is. You can use various different devices for grilling. People may often think of a barbecue first. But you can also grill in the oven, in a grill pan or on a contact grill. The latter option means you won’t even need to turn the vegetables. Of course the whole process will become even easier if you use pre-cut vegetables.

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BCR Certificate grade A behaald 2016

Snijpunt achieves A-Grade during BRC 7 audit!

Snijpunt has passed the BRC audit with flying colours and may again receive the BRC certificate A-Grade. On November 16th, 2016 the audit took place. Like last year, the quality system is assessed at Level 7 and meets all requirements again. The BRC A certification is the highest certification in this standard.

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resiverslag spanje okt 2016-1

Travel log Spain, October 2016

From October 25th to 27th Marco Romein (director) and Jeroen van de Ende (commercial manager) have been to Spain to visit our partner Hortosabor and see the newly constructed warehouse. We have also visited several grower with one of our new customers. We like to share our travel log to give you an idea of what is happening behind the scenes.

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Introducing: Ronald Jansen, Production Manager

We find personal cooperation important. Knowing who you are working with and what his or her motives are, is a big part of it. When we strengthen our team we also want to announce that. Ronald Jansen has been working with us for a number of weeks now as production manager. We asked him about his experiences so far and his own objectives.

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Featured article: White Radish

White radish, also called daikon or winter radish, has long been out of the picture in the kitchen. Fortunately, the product is now making a comeback. The taste of the long white root is similar to radish but is slightly different.

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We have a winner!

Earlier we told you about vegetable sticks. Last summer we tested this novelty a lot. We handed out questionnaires to the guests in which they could share their opinions and findings with us. We recently selected a winner from the entries and congratulated her personally and on our Facebook page.

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IMG_3379 (3)-3

New Product

Snijpunt introduced its new product: ‘The Vegetable sticks’ in collaboration with Den Burg Catering.

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New Productmanager

In the beginning of June, Ronald Jansen has been started as a production manager at Snijpunt. Ronald has developed work experience through various production companies by this role.

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A featured article; Cleaned spring onions

Spring onions and stalk onions, who doesn’t know it? This beautiful product is also be obtained at Snijpunt.

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Paprika Kleuren

Update raw material bell pepper (March, 2016)

Update raw material bell pepper  

The Dutch bell pepper season come slowly underway in the last few weeks. 

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BBQ Sjaslick Paprika Ui-1

Start of a new barbecue season!

The Easter days were early this year. Despite the weather was far from ideal, it means that spring is coming. It’s the best time to invite your friend for a cozy evening in the backyard with a delicious barbecue buffet.

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