Food safety

Raw materials

When fresh products are being used, hygiene and food safety are of utmost importance. For us, this begins during cultivation and keeps going well beyond shipping. In addition to our own BRC certification, all our suppliers are at least Global-GAP certified. Our quality control service regularly performs audits by the growers, during which specifications are investigated regarding business hygiene and compliance with residue standards.

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Internal process

Food safety is also a top priority internally. We perform random analyses, which monitor and document visual quality. We do this by taking a sample from each batch produced and assessing this over the entire expiration period. After these analyses, the results are documented and made known to everyone. This transparency ensures that you can count on a reliable shelf life for all our products.


The temperature of the products is also regularly measured during transport. These reports, along with the transporter, are critically analysed and improved where necessary.

The fact that food safety is a top priority for us is apparent from our BRC (British Retail Consortium) Grade A certification. With this certificate, we show that you can trust our quality. The BRC standard is specially developed for food processing businesses and proves that all hygienic and food safety requirements are met. Annual external audits ensure the upkeep of the certification.

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